Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Jeffree Star Mini Red Collection

What's up everybody and welcome back to blog! (Can't beat a Jeffree Star intro). So as you can see by the title of this blog post today I am talking about Jeffree Star's Red Mini Bundle Set from the newest collection. 

Now I have been a fan of Jeffree Star for over 2 years now and my collection of hes makeup line is getting bigger and bigger, That it got the stage were I wanted to add some more liquid lipstick but I didn't know what red I wanted to get so I got is Red Mini Bundle so I can test each one he has and I'm glad I went for this mini bundle because each one can last for months and they're easy enough to pop into your handbag.

So in this bundle, you get eight mini liquid lipsticks ranging from pinks to red which is perfect for Valentine's day and if you just love wearing red lips.
So let's break down bit by bit about the pricing and packaging and other information about this collection.

This set is £45.00 which make is £5.62 each which when you think about it is a great price when you see how much liquid lipsticks are selling at the moment. Now I know your thinking £45.00 is a lot of lipstick but if your as mad for a lipstick like me and wear them quite often then this set is great for you.

Now with Jeffree packaging, he always rocks it! the set came in a beautiful red striped box and once you open it you see from my photos it has the Jeffree Star logo all over the inner part of the lid and beautiful shows the liquid lipsticks.

From the top of my arm downwards.
♥ Doll Parts
♥ Calabasas
♥ Wifey
♥ Watermelon Soda
♥Anna Nicole
♥ Prom Night
♥ Redrum
♥ Unicorn Blood
Lipstick Texture. 
Each of Jeffree Star lipsticks matte and opaque! These wear so beautifully on the lips.
I would highly recommend using a lip scrub first before using a liquid lipstick just to remove any dead skin you may have and it always help to apply them a lot better.

Overall this mini bundle has been one of the best liquid lipstick bundle I have ever brought! (yes, I did say that!) they apply so smoothly and are so pigmented (As you can see by my swatches). You can create so many looks with this but another great thing about this you can wear them as eyeliner and even eyeshadow. So yes! if you are thinking whether you add this bundle to your Jeffree collection then go ahead and go it trust me you won't regret it!.

You can buy this collection from 

Comment below what you think about this mini bundle if you already own it.

Much Love


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